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4G Booster

Boost your mobile signal

Can be used for LTE 1800 and 2600 MHz and 1700 and 700 MHz. If you want to improve your connction use booster for 4g signal in office or home.

mobile booster



Distributing and receiving SMS messages is the method to improve the control of sales and customer service organizations, etc.New SMS applications with  MobilDock SMS

It becomes easier, faster and cheaper.

Further information about SMS messaging.

MobilDock ®

The new generation of GSM gateways...

... for SMS-messaging.

... to reduce fees for mobile phone calls.

... if a fixed telephone network link is not available or is not economical.

Saving mobile phone fees up to 6o% through using internal tariffs of the GSM networks.

Details about
MobilDock® and its product family.

GSM Gateway

MobilDock® - the solution for fixed cellular voice and SMS-applications.


The mobile telephone system...

... if a fixed telephone network link is not available or is not economical.

... for applications in mobile offices and on vehicles.

... that integrates the access to the PSTN and GSM or DCS 1800 or 4g networks.

... incl. 4-14 extensions for voice, data and fax communications and 2-6 GSM gateways!

Details about
MobilPBXTM and
its product family.

MobilPBX Info

Office Environment

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GSM radio modem and GPS receiver combined for automatic vehicle tracking and fleet & security management.

Scheme of MobilTrack applications

GSM M20-Terminal

GSM radio modem, GSM-terminal for fixed wireless applications with full voice, fax and data capability.


48V-power supply systems e.g. for mobile network base stations, etc.

MobilDock® + PBX

Docking station, mobile phone adapter, that integrates PSTN and GSM cellular by a 1/2 PBX for private households and small business.

MobilDock® + Charge

The docking station for GSM/4G networks in order to connect and operate different types of pay phones, e.g. coin phones, card phones (magnetic stripe, smart card, credit card) for public usage.

Optional with impuls (16kHz) for counting fees. Records fees and phone numbers and locks defined phone numbers.

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