MobilPBXTM GSM Gateway


The mobile telephone system...

MobilPBX Foto

...if a fixed telephone network link is not available or is not economical.

Field of applications.

The features.

The product family.

  • For all kinds of GSM communications.
  • To provide communications quick and short-termed.
  • Simply put it into the travelling bag!

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The Features Of The MobilPBXTM Telephone System.

The mobile telephone system.

Additional protection case to protect it against dust, water and shocks.

We connect you wireless!


  • Independent from fixed network (PSTN).
  • Independent from mains (operation with 12V oder 23oV).
  • 2-6 GSM gateways (NMT and GSM 9oo/18oo)
  • Up to 14 extensions (analogue) for telephones, PCs with modem, fax machines and DECT radio telephone base stations.
  • Incl. conferencing, connection for music on hold, doorbell/unlock.

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