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Distributing and receiving SMS messages is the method to improve the control of sales and customer service organizations, etc.

New SMS applications with  MobilDock SMSIt becomes easier, faster and cheaper.

Further information about SMS messaging.

MobilDock ®

New Product Variant:

The new variant of the MobilDock® GSM gateway includes voice, SMS and now also supports data/fax communications in addition. Introduced on the coming SYSTEMS ´98 trade fair in Munich (see column misc.)

New in architecture, design and features.

MobilDock GSM gateway PRODUCT INFO

Details about MobilDock® GSM gateway
and its product family

Current reports in the German press:

SMS application in mobile phone networks expands. Cost savings with own SMS gateway (MobilDock® connected to a PC).

The SMS model of MobilDock® is going to be distributed by the SIEMENS AG , exclusively, combined with a Windows NT based software solution for "Corporate Messaging".

"Corporate Messaging" has to be understood as an integration of messaging in the LAN/WAN (e-mail, voice-mail, fax, internet und mobile communications), e.g. to manage outdoor sales and service people, for handy banking, etc.

MyAmplifiers integrates mobile radio network with fixed network.

Complete press reports (in German).


The Mobile Telephone System (PBX)

A new generation of PBX's had been released by GSM mbH, the MobilPBX TM.
The MobilPBX TM is a telephone system that has 1 or more integrated GSM gateways for communications via the mobile phone networks.

MobilPBX TM enables quick communications capabilities whenever a fixed network is not available or not economical.

With MobilPBX TM MyAmplifiers offers a comfortable solution for communications needs, e.g. in construction areas and all kind of mobile offices as there now is no need to wait until the installation of fixed network links are completed.

Product Info MobilPBX

Details about the
mobile telephone system MobilPBX
and its product family

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Our products can be ordered online in the online shop of our sister company InnoCOM GmbH corporated to us.

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Partner in Italy:
SIEMENS Telematica spa

MyAmplifiers has won Siemens Telematica spa, Milano, as a sales partner of the MobilDock® GSM gateways in Italy.

Information about Siemens Telematica

MyAmplifiers is looking for distributors

in all countries. Ask for further information. Address: See bottom of page.

For more information just send an e-mail or phone or fax us.

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